Protects your eyes, nose, mouth, and chin.

No headband, super light. Can be worn for hours.

You can touch your face. 

You can talk or phone, and wear it with any breathing mask.

One size fits all, including kids. Wearable in an instant.

Cleanable, reusable, sterilizable. 

Costs almost nothing. Make one yourself. 

Front is any plastic film (e.g. freezer bags).

Rear is any non-woven or woven fabric.

Attach front to rear with office stapler or sticky-tape.


Make it yourself or order it from us on one of our social media pages.

VISOR FACE-SHIELD for the protection of your mouth, nose, and eyes.

We designed a FACE-SHIELD, also called VISOR

It can be worn with glasses and with a respiratory mask, washable, re-usable, cheap, easy to make, no training, quick on/off. Great for carers.


Its called TUBEVISOR™. 

More details...
The front transparent sheet is cut from a freezer bag (or any other good clarity plastic) size 40x40 centimeters (15x15 inches). The rear is breathable textile preferably non-woven (as used in packaging or horticulture or dish-cloths) also size 40x40 centimeters (15x15 inches). Staple the two sheets together. The tube must be fully open at both ends or it will fog. It should be loose around the head. If it fogs you can increase the size or make it more rigid. If these sizes are too big, reduce the sizes. #ppe #visor #faceshield #tubevisor