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Another tool that helps people move more.

SOLEBALL is a slow exercise game for people dressed in smart clothes for work. 

  1. You use the SOLE of your shoe to push the ball. This keeps your shoes clean.

  2. You use slow MINDFUL WALKING, not running, so you don't get hot.

  3. Soleball is designed to flex your hips, knees, and ankles, because when you sit for hours these are the joints that seize up the most. After several years of sitting, they will seize up for ever.

  4. Soleball costs NOTHING. All you need is a ball. Or no ball because you can also play it with an IMAGINARY BALL.

  5. Soleball is super for WORK BREAKS, even for a few seconds in a corridor, or canteen, or car-park

  6. Fitness FACT... when there's a ball, people automatically move more. 

SOLEBALL's UNIQUE SHOE-SOLE PUSH MOVEMENT makes you lift your knees more, which flexes your joints more. Kicking with the top of the shoe is not allowed.

SOLEBALL is elegant, gentle, polite, and social. It's ok with any level of physical ability. If you're elderly, or wearing high heels, you can play in pairs holding onto each other (guaranteed laughs), or use an umbrella for balance. You can play it in wheelchairs.

SOLEBALL is played using ANY RULES... soccer, football, hockey, lacrosse, tennis, cricket. Or just make your own rules.

SOLEBALL can be played EVERYWHERE, outside or inside, on any surface, at car-parks, parade-grounds, foyers, tennis courts, empty conference rooms and big corridors. Soleballs should be soft so they don't damage anything when used sensibly. Or use an imaginary ball for even less damage !

SOLEBALL always gets laughs. LAUGHING and SOCIALIZING are as essential for health as exercise. Place a few Soleballs around your office building and watch the atmosphere improve. It's fun and helps people connect and communicate.

SOLEBALL is FREE for the general public. Employers who have a 15-Moves program automatically become a Corporate Soleball Club.

To get started, buy any soft inflatable or foam ball, say 30-50 cm diameter, or simply use an imaginary ball and start immediately.

SOLEBALL... instant exercise, any clothes, any time !

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