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For marketing, engaging, fund-raising, sponsoring, education,

event animation, outreach, and re-friending tense neighborhoods.

Fun for all ages (and great for marketing).

More tools that help people move more.

Tell people your story with a 15-Moves SHOW

If you are a city, town, resort, company, school, or neighborhood, do a regular free online show to the world, with your people doing some F15-Moves. Best is on the quarter-hour. In between shows, tell your story. Post your show's link on your sites and social media. Gradually, people will follow you and associate you with feeling good with decent people.

Learn about the world with 15-POKES

Bored at school ? Lunch-break too long ? Want to learn something at the weekend ? Poke a pin in a world map anywhere and challenge the people who live there... town, village, neighborhood, office, factory, school, anywhere on Earth, to do some 15-Moves and post their video. Then they challenge it forward to another group. Bad internet at the poked place ? Poke a nearby town hall, tourism office, company, hotel, NGO, UN base, educational center, or scouts, and tell them what you want to do. They usually love to help. TEACHERSpoking is a great way to bring subjects alive... pull geography and history and language right into the class ! Poke now !

Motivate people by doing a 15-Moves MUSIC VIDEO and maybe win a FIFFY PRIZE

Put the 15-Moves to music, at work, school or in the street, and do a video. Very motivational. A cool project for tough streets or bored schools or chronic sofa-sitters. We give prizes called FIFFYS for cool videos, time-lapses, or gifs.

Increase media coverage of events with a 15-Moves GOOF-UP

Tour an event, goofing around and doing 15-Moves the day before or after an event such as a public marathon for example, which extends the visibility and value of the event for the sponsors. You get media coverage more easily because there's not much happening on those days. Ask a company for a poster to carry and get them to sponsor your club or charity. 

15-Moves helps charities and fund-raisers to RAISE MONEY

15-Moves opens doors for you and gets the conversation started. For example, offer to do a demo for employees or help them start their 15-Point. Get employers to use 15-Moves in their organization and we will pay you 50% of their first year payment (see Start). Raise even more by asking them to pay you a dollar for every dollar they pay us.

Make language learning healthy with 15-Moves LANGUAGE CLASSES

Using foreign words for real makes them stick. And shouting them out together gets people used to using the words confidently in a way that people can hear. So get a group together in your school or company or neighborhood and do the 15-Moves. At the start of each Move, you all shout out the name of the Move. Start in your own language, then do it in another language, which gets to be really funny. Gradually add words and moves. Video it all and put it on your social media and let us know. Huge fun.

Fifteening's OK2CHAT tool gets strangers interacting faster at events, conferences, meetups

Copy the OK2CHAT logo, print several on paper, tell people to wear them on the front of their clothes, or make tent signs for tables.

Create your own Fifteening IDEAS

Need more ideas ? The people sitting near you will usually have more ideas than you could ever use... ask them to brainstorm with you. Create an impromptu 15-Point.

Use a 15-Point or a Fiffy for marketing

Attract people to your cafe, mall, gym, store, hotel, airport, park, square, resort, beach, pool, camp, or sports center. Anyone can do a 15-Point. Put the 15-Moves sheet up on a wall, trestle, or window. Mention it in your website - it helps you to get found. 

Try a JOGATHON, together or remotely. Really fun and good for engaging.

See the Jogworking page.

Businesses... sponsor 15-Moves for clients or clubs or charities !

Every time they move they will remember you ! A nice personal touch that repeats throughout the year. 

A fantastic relationship tool ! You can use this "relationship" to invent any number of joint events with them during the year.

We'll politely remind them of your sponsorship from time to time, and get them to name a chatty employee to go round talking about you. 


Simply add the number of people you're sponsoring to your payment at US$ 1.00 per person per year, and tell us. 

Contact us for more ideas if you really can't use any of the above !


Cities, companies, organizations, schools, individuals, ask us for ideas, start something cool, instantly improve things !

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