The OK2CHAT social badge

For event animation, public socializing,

and re-friending tense neighborhoods.

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The OK2CHAT badge gets strangers interacting spontaneously, in a friendly and polite way, at events, conferences, in the street, in public transport, and online.

There is a lot of rage in society today. Hate, violence, and divisiveness sell. 

But most people still know that polite interaction, friendliness, and a ready smile, work better. 

Unfortunately, nice people are often shy about engaging with strangers.

The OK2CHAT badge makes it easy. When you wear it, it signals that you are nice, social and welcoming.

Make a badge with the OK2CHAT logo below and attach it creatively to yourself, to furniture, to your home or car window, or on your social and web-pages.

Schools and businesses can put an OK2CHAT logo and a contact link on their websites and notice boards, and link it to a contact person or website.

The OK2CHAT badge instantly removes the natural shyness that people have, especially polite people. It's magic !

So, let's all be human ! It's better for all of us. Deep down, we're all OK2CHATTERS !

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