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I have been a heavy user of internet and videotext for 40 years and have always posted in a free-speech manner and in my own name. I am relaxed and un-paranoid about privacy and my life is run open source. As part of staying in touch with the latest software, social, organizational, design and marketing trends, I support new, experimental, weird, off-the-wall, artsy, minority, political, loony, or disruptive sites, blogs and fora. All these references may be picked up by search engines. Nothing ever dies on the internet, and search engines make no distinction between fun and professional remarks. In general on page 1 they show the remarks I would prefer to forget, whilst the stuff I'm happy with doesn't appear until page 23. Internet searches may find aged information which, if taken out of context, appears strange. They may also cache versions of my internet sites which were temporary, experimental, parodic or that were modified aeons ago.


With much useful and useless information available via the web, investigators, attorneys and competitors can easily generate amply documented positive or negative impressions of a target person, thus justifying their fees or salaries or existence. Please ask me for clarification before jumping to conclusions or allowing anyone to convince you that you have a basis for legal action if you disagree with me or any affiliate. Once again, the easiest way to solve problems is to ask for any information you may need, before silly damage is done to both parties. This is especially true for anyone who has not litigated often, or who is unfamiliar with the internet and how it can be creatively misused.


Increasingly, web platforms and search engines such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and others automatically generate potentially deceptive and manipulatable associations between pieces of information that were born separate. Please ask for any clarifications you may need.



Spammers and phishers can 'borrow' real or simulated identities and email addresses. Please check with me before opening any unannounced email that appears to come from an email address similar to mine. Although my grandfather in fact died in west Africa, it is unlikely that he left you a million dollars.



This website constitutes neither a recommendation nor an endorsement of any company, nor an invitation to participate in any situation, financially or otherwise. Investors should not invest anywhere unless they can easily afford to lose their entire investment. My company, my affiliates or business relations may at all times have interests in companies, some being pure financial investments, some being strategic investments where affiliates are visibly involved, some being small preparatory investments where the position assists in tracking a company's behavioural patterns. Affiliates are at all times informally researching private and listed companies, both for themselves and in liaison with third parties. This involves unsecured exchanges of information, hypothetical deal scenarios, site visits and publications on the internet. However in keeping with regulatory guidelines, if affiliates enter into formal discussions with a company, there is an announcement. If there is no such announcement, there is no meaningful involvement. Investors should be wary of companies, websites, media or sales groups that attempt to create links or purported relationships between affiliates and themselves or other entities. Affiliates and their partners, being systematic value advisors specialised in re-structuring and preparing special situations prior to the involvement of others, are routinely named in litigation, bankruptcies, and judicial procedures in the course of their normal business, sometimes accompanied by unfavourable media attention (affiliates' objectives for a situation may not be aligned with the short-term interests of company management, other shareholders, suppliers or competitors). Investors may at any time contact affiliates for confirmation of any subject. Affiliates are not authorised financial advisers in any territory. Affiliates do not give investment advice to, nor take deposits from, members of the general public. This document is not a source of investment advice. Nothing here may be construed as investment advice or as an invitation or inducement to invest in any situation where affiliates may be involved or not. Readers should always consult a licensed financial adviser in their relevant territory or regulatory environment prior to making any decision about anything. This website you are reading may not be the latest version and may have been changed significantly since its previous versions. Affiliates reserve the right to change any published or draft materials without notice at any time, and without updating previous versions of the materials or websites. For enquiries on any subject or personal or employment questions, please email the appropriate affiliate or project company. This warning and disclaimer is applicable in its entirety to this website.



Products and concepts referred to in this website may be the subject of international patents or patents pending. Company and product names in this website may include registered or pending trademarks. Please check appropriate sources before using any information or names. Contents of this website may not be copied without permission. This website replaces all other existing documents. Mike Harrop's and partners' websites and business processes are continuously modified and optimized, as is normal when operating in new markets and new technologies. Web-pages and links give indicative information and are almost certainly not up to date. 


The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to protect both the fundamental right to privacy and the personal data of European Union (EU) citizens. This website neither requests nor collects any visitor data. If they wish to interact, visitors to this website are welcome to visit my pages on third party platforms such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Paypal and others, where GDPR compliance is handled directly by those platforms' own GDPR compliance procedures.