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Hard buns. Strong back. Flat stomach. Fresh air.

Natural. Cheap. Social. The new fitness tourism.

Another tool that helps people move more.

Kicktouring is on kick-scooters, longboards, skateboards, skates.

Kicktouring - what's different ?

  • Kids love it, adults love it.

  • You use a wheeled trailer, to avoid a heavy pack on your back   

  • Easy to hop on and off trains and buses

  • It's always with you, no parking, no theft

  • 10 to 50 kms per day easy

  • You use skate-paths, country lanes, forest roads, sidewalks

  • People-friendly, same height, easy to talk

  • Wear normal clothes, with a simple rain-cape if needed 

  • Kick, roll, walk, adapt to any terrain

  • No compressed biker-butt or oily chains

  • No extra ticket needed on public transport

  • Keep it ready at home or at work, leave instantly

Kicktouring is as social as you wish. If you like acting a bit, you can even do your 15-Moves in public, and you'll get laughs, new friends, fun photos and helpful ideas from locals.

Hard buns. Strong back. Flat stomach. Fresh air.

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No heroics, it's for pleasure... 

Do it in daylight. Stay in civilization. Leave no trace. Avoid wildlife. Be excessively polite to people and nature. Take no silly risks.


Use solar for everything... hotcup, blanket, torch, electronics. Avoid fires, because they are banned in most places. Also, you're never sure you really put them out.

Pre-friend people and groups online  

at the places where you're headed so that when you arrive in that new place you already know people.


Hotels, hostels, b+b's, camping, farms, monasteries, couchsurf, warmshowers, camp-in-my-gardens, whatever. Or just bivvy.


With practice, bivvying becomes easy, and very quick... a good bivvy-bag, a wet sponge in a plastic bag for washing, a dry towel, dry underwear, a shoe-bag so that you can keep shoes/boots inside your bivvy. Note: As with all camping, peeing and pooping (legally) need to be meticulously programmed before bed-time.

Make a rain-tube

Be ready in 10 seconds for sudden rain. Use the time to snooze, read, sew, blog, yoga, or meditate. Tube's ends can be open or closed or bug-netted. No poles, no lines, no pegs, can't blow away. Cheap, light. Folds flat. Easy to make with a tarp and duct-tape.

Pre-study your route in detail

With map apps you can pre-study your route meter by meter. 

Test your equipment and abilities before you travel

Do small trips around your home. If you're bivvying, sleep in a friend's garden. Learn to avoid beginners' mistakes, while you're still near home. There's lots of web info about stealth camping. Learn the basic 30 rules that will help you safely enjoy the experience. One of many websites is (no connection to us).

Make a mini-trailer... a fun project

Don't wreck your back with a backpack. Many wheeled shoppers can be modified, or make a trailer with two recycled wheels, an axle and some tubes you can find in any dumpster. Make it long and narrow to allow for leg-swings. Prototypes below or in videos.

Rain tube

Tube up





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