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Public places for doing impromptu moves...

in cities, companies, schools, airports.

Another tool that helps people move more.

WHERE are Fifteening Points ?

At malls, cafes, bars, shops, airports, train stations, town squares, office plazas, corridors, water-coolers, factories, universities, schools, gyms, canteens, clubs, vending machines, beaches, waiting rooms, parks, or in the street. Mention your Fifteening Point in your website or your social sites and it will help people find you.

Attract walk-in customers and build a community to keep them loyal

For shops, cafes and malls, a Fifteening Point attracts customers. Stick a Fifteening Moves sheet on a wall, trestle, or window. Create simple events. Do a regular presentation (employees usually love doing them). Start your community today. 

How to find Fifteening Points

At places like airports, train stations, and office complexes, look for their normal "Meeting Point". These are automatically used as the Fifteening Points.

Fifteening Points are easy to use

Passers-by can stop to do a few moves, and leave when they want. No need to schedule a time. Great at lunch-time for people who work, or in a street or mall or apartment block at the weekend. Good for people who are just starting to exercise, or don't want scheduling hassle, and for mums who can bring their toddlers and keep an eye on them while doing their moves. Nice social moments !