Eurasian earns revenue by contributing ideas, contacts, and research to licensees, for example:

FIFTEENING™ HEALTH and SOCIAL TOOLS  (free for the public, small fee for employers)

A suite of behavioral tools for employers and educators who want to speedily introduce new health and social habits in their organization. Employers can appoint a chatty employee to go round promoting Fifteening-Moves and checking it's being used. Fifteening can be started on day one in normal clothes and require no fitness-machines or shower facilities or scheduling or supervision. The sub-suite of social tricks helps employers use Fifteening for marketing activity, so it’s not just a cost. Fifteening can be be used by charities and clubs to raise funds, or as a new sponsoring route for companies. 


These two projects are now integrated into Fifteening.


July 15th 2022: We have sold these two projects because they needed more technical and people resources than those we can mobilize short-term. Also there are many new startups with heavyweight institutional backing that are entering these markets. This sale frees up resources to work on Fifteening.