Eurasian earns revenue by contributing ideas, contacts, and research to licensees, for example:

FIFTEENING™ HEALTH and SOCIAL TOOLS  (free for the public, small fee for employers)

A suite of behavioral tools for employers and educators who want to speedily introduce new health and social habits in their organization. Employers can appoint a chatty employee to go round promoting Fifteening-Moves and checking it's being used. Fifteening can be started on day one in normal clothes and require no fitness-machines or shower facilities or scheduling or supervision. The sub-suite of social tricks helps employers use Fifteening for marketing activity, so it’s not just a cost. Fifteening can be be used by charities and clubs to raise funds, or as a new sponsoring route for companies. 


A wearable badge innovation that creates engagement between people in public or at conferences and exhibitions, or in socially tense environments. It is based on the pre-approval method for accelerating human interactions. After the success of the analog version, we are developing an electronic version to allow more messages and colors, based on wi-fi or radio-frequency technologies similar to cattle ear-tags or digital price-labels used in supermarkets. 


A supplier of fast garden installation for suburbanites or balcony-gardeners espousing new trends such as  “Speed-Gardening”, “Throw and Grow”, “Mow-and-Sow”, "No Dig", “Ban lawns” and "Raised beds". 10BG can also help market-gardeners and productivity-oriented hobby-gardeners add faster or easier growing methods. Products include pre-seeded sheets and rolls, compost and mulch sheets and rolls, drip-watering sheets and rolls (all weed-blocking), and recycled-plastic elements for plant-support or drip-feeds.


This section is developing garden-robots for planting, weeding, squirting, picking, or moving produce, that function on trolleys or overhead rails or autonomously. 


This section is developing ways of generating or saving energy by using always-available natural forces such as gravity, buoyancy, and tidal.