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Revenues are used to finance projects, reduce debt, to cover the costs and overheads of operating Eurasian, to support any new licensees, to accrue funds for future dividends, and to purchase and cancel discounted share-blocks that become available from shareholders. During most years, blocks of discounted Eurasian shares became available due to shareholder inheritances or disputes. These shares are mostly cancelled, thus reducing the number of Eurasian shares outstanding, which is favorable for remaining shareholders. Shareholders have also traded numerous shares in private transactions. We continue to see 1.00 Eur as a suitable benchmark price for the shares. Most private share transactions that we are aware of took place at this price. This price is also based on our current projects, on current P/E ratios for the healthcare sector, and on the number of the company's outstanding public common shares. Constantly reducing the number of public shares, as has been done each year, strengthens the valuation of the remaining shares. Since the foundation of the company, no common shares have been issued to founders or to management and they remain in reserve. 

Buying and selling shares

Until there is an IPO, buy-out, or other liquidity event, shares are traded privately. If you wish to buy or sell shares please indicate to the company how many shares and your price limit. As soon as a corresponding purchase or sale offer is available, you will be advised. This is a private courtesy facility that has existed since the company's foundation. It serves to increase the liquidity of shares and does not constitute a market nor imply any sort of guarantee that a match will be found. A considerable number of shares has already changed hands in this way or by shareholders buying or selling directly themselves.

Social media

The company and its affiliates operate or follow numerous social media pages and publish or discuss there from time to time. Contents of such posts may be out of date or may have been subsequently modified. They should be checked with the company to see if they still represent the company's positions or opinions. The company may modify or delete past posts at any time and for any reason.


Please feel free to recommend improvements to this website. Eurasian operates across all social, political and religious systems. To its knowledge, all its activities are suitable for the public everywhere.


In this website and elsewhere, the company and its affiliates are referred to as "Company" or "Eurasian".


Company documents are in English. Other languages may be provided for convenience only.


© 2023 Eurasian Holdings. No copies may be made without permission.

Publication upgrades and optimization

The Company upgrades its online and offline publications continuously. Publications are published in beta and then optimized. The Company recognizes no complaints based on legacy or cached versions of its publications. Information here and on social media is likely out of date, so please check with the Company for the latest news and information.


The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to protect both the fundamental right to privacy and the personal data of European Union (EU) citizens. This website neither requests nor collects any visitor data. If they wish to interact, visitors to this website are welcome to visit our pages on third party social media platforms, where GDPR compliance is handled directly by those platforms' own GDPR compliance procedures.


Products and concepts referred to in this website may be the subject of international patents or patents pending. Company and product names in this web-site may include registered or pending trademarks. This website replaces all other existing documents. This and partners' websites and business processes are continuously modified and optimized, as is normal when operating in new markets and new technologies. Pages and links give indicative information only. The Company should always be consulted for the correct information. By actively seeking its business opportunities in trend shifts, the Company is exposed to most types of risk. Risk reduction strategies are used where possible, such as activity mix and country mix. Like any value investor, the Company operates in areas that are not yet validated. Participants should therefore categorize the Company's activities in the "ultra-high-risk entrepreneurial" section of their investment allocation. A strong tolerance for risk is required. The essence of entrepreneuring is to work with situations before they are validated. As with all projective assessments, timing of events may vary. The Company reserves the right to continuously optimize its processes and publications, and may completely change its business model if it feels this may improve results. Partners and investors should be comfortable with this fact prior to making any decisions. Categories of risk include management risk, stock market risk, technology risk, competition risk, currency risk, small companies risk, financial instruments risk, public offering risk, non-diversification risk, legal risk, amongst others. All macro-economic and macro-political risks are also present. Comprehensive descriptions of company and investor risks are available from numerous web sites and from the leaflets of regulatory agencies, investor associations, and the media. However if readers cannot find such material they should contact the Company. The Company is neither a bank nor a regulated investment advisor, and does not provide investment advice to individuals or the general public. A regulated financial adviser should always be consulted before making decisions about any type of involvement. The Company assumes that readers have diligently fulfilled all requirements in their territory regarding prior consultation of a regulated adviser, if such requirements are mandatory or recommended in the reader's territory of reference or regulatory environment. The Company is not soliciting investment, nor do these or any other documents constitute an invitation to invest. If you have been solicited to buy shares by any entity, please inform the Company.

Note on forward-looking statements

Statements herein contained that are not strictly historical may be "forward-looking" statements within the meaning of various laws in various territories. These forward-looking statements are made based upon information available as of the date they are made. The Company assumes no obligation to update such forward-looking statements, although it will diligently seek to keep publications current. Investors and the media are cautioned that such forward-looking statements involve risk and uncertainties and that the Company's actual results will differ from these forward-looking statements. Such risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, demand for the Company's products and services, the Company's ability to continue to develop its market and partnerships, the Company's ability to finance its activities, general economic conditions and other factors that may be, where appropriate, more fully described in reports to shareholders and periodic filings to regulatory bodies. Historical or forward-looking statements provided by Eurasian's affiliates, either via this website, or via their websites, are provided by the entities themselves and are the responsibility of those entities.

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