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Eurasian Holdings is a private startup incubator founded in 2004. It develops technical and social projects for individuals, cities, institutions, corporations, and educators.

Company name, locations, and shareholders

The company name comes from its first projects which were in China, Korea, Turkey, Lebanon and W. Europe. The company was incorporated in the USA so that it could be listed later on a US small-cap stock exchange. The company works out of Denver, Colorado and Geneva, Switzerland. Shareholders are from Germany, Italy, the Balkans, USA and UK.


Updates concerning projects and administrative matters are published at the projects page. In addition, some projects have their own social media pages.

How the company functions

- Eurasian's licensee Fifteening handles the company's administrative, web, and financial matters.

- Annual Meetings are held in the USA in May. 

- Company communications are via email or social media or this website.

Shareholder information

Shareholders can contact the company via email or social media, or read history.


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