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FIFTEENING - a new tool for HR

Solving the problem of "move-at-work",

instantly and inexpensively.

Why pay the US$ 1.00 per employee per year fee ?

- Fifteening makes you compliant in minutes with move-at-work best-practice and latest OSH recommendations.

- Your payment is proof that you took action, so keep a copy on file for health litigation or an OSH review. So CYA.

- Move-at-work is in the media every day. It's impossible for a serious manager to say "I didn't know".

- All other move-at-work solutions cost more and take time, so while you're studying them start Fifteening.

Move-at-work is even more required as jobs require more screen-time with work-at-home.

Why is the employer fee so tiny ?

- So that no employer on Earth has an excuse to not do Fifteening

If an employer really can't pay, we have sponsors who will happily pay for them.

Start your Fifteening program in 10 minutes in any size of organization

- Send your people the link and ask them to do it. 

- Pay the tiny US$ 1.00 per employee per year fee, below.

- Appoint a chatty employee to go round talking about it (we'll poke them all year to keep them motivated).

Credit Card or Paypal

US$ 1.00 per employee per year

How to pay

Your cart will take you to Paypal where you can chose to pay with any corporate or personal credit or debit card or via Paypal. You get an email receipt automatically when you pay. We use Paypal because many people have a few unused dollars on their account that they can use for Fifteening.

Need a different way of paying ?

Most people pay as above but if you need a formal invoice, please email us, or message us on one of our social media pages.

Sponsor Fifteening for clients or clubs or charities !

Each time they move they will remember you ! A fantastic relationship tool !  

You can use this "relationship" to invent any number of joint events with them during the year.

How to sponsor

Add the number of people you sponsor to your payment at US$ 1.00 per person per year, and tell us. We'll politely remind them all through the year of your sponsorship, and get them to name a chatty employee to go round talking about you. 

Recoup your investment

Test the Fifteening Social Tricks for marketing and relationship-building.

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