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Everyone on Earth should grow something.

It's educational, gives you warm emotions and exercise,

prevents depression, recycles your food-waste,

feeds more people, saves money, and makes friends.

Another fifteening.com tool that helps people move more.

Why 10 billion ?

When 10 billion people on this planet grow something, that's a lot of hobby-growers and a lot of green !

Feel good quick 

Buy a herb in a pot, or a seedling, or sow seeds in a sunny room. That's it, you're a grower ! It's easy to feel good quick.

Schmooze with growers worldwide; they are all friendly and socialize easily. That's a few million instant friends for you. 

Our objectives

10 Billion Gardens was imagined by Fifteening, because it's one more way to get people moving.

Our obsessions

Growing in awkward spaces.

Growing without digging.

Growing without transplanting.

Growing without much water, electricity, or fuel.

Growing in all seasons.

Creating micro-climates with sun-warmed objects and walls,

Re-using food waste.

Re-using trash.

Saving money.

New videos coming in 2021

  • GROW-BAGS from trash plastic bags

  • WALKIE BOXES plant in any season

  • SEEDLING SLIDERS avoid transplanting

  • WARM-WALL MICRO-CLIMATES from stackable transparent grow-tubs

  • FOOD WASTE into plant food

  • CHAFFERS from mowers

  • FISHNET BAGS for mobile composting

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