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(just starting in 2021)


Everyone on Earth should grow something, even tiny.

It's educational, gives you warm emotions, a bit of exercise,

prevents depression, de-stresses, recycles your food-waste,

feeds more people, saves money, and makes friends.

Another fun Fifteening tool that helps people move more.

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Why 10 billion ?

That's the number of people on Earth soon. Let's ALL grow some plants, because growers make Earth chattier, happier, kinder, greener, and more peaceful.

Why 10 billion ?

That's the number of videos about growing that you can find online. We only post stuff we never saw online.

Not a grower ? Feel good quick, here's how ! 

Buy a herb in a pot or a seedling or sow seeds in a sunny room. That's it, you're a grower ! It's easy to feel good quick ! Maybe the first ones won't grow, but the next ones will !

Chat with growers worldwide. Rich or poor, they're all friendly and socialize easily. 10 billion instant friends ! 

Some of our quirks. What are yours ?

  • Trying to become friends with 10 billion growers

  • Growing in funny places

  • Growing without digging

  • Growing without transplanting

  • Growing with no water or electricity or fuel

  • Growing all year

  • Warming plants in winter with warmed objects and walls

  • Using food waste

  • Using plastic trash

  • Using waste cardboard

  • Composting in new ways

Message from founders:

Growers are a special part of humanity that's comfortable across social, national, and racial groups, friendly and supportive to other humans.

So more is OK.

Btw, we only post stuff we never saw on the internet, so not much.

Mostly we just hang out, garden, chat, repeat.


Mike Harrop