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(starting later in 2021)


Everyone on Earth should grow something, even tiny.

It's educational, gives you warm emotions, some exercise,

prevents depression, de-stresses, recycles your food-waste,

feeds more people, saves money, and makes friends.

Another fun Fifteening tool that helps people move more.

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Why 10 billion ?

That's the number of people on Earth soon. Let's ALL grow some plants, because growers make Earth chattier, happier, kinder, greener, more peaceful, and better nourished.

Not a grower yet ? Here's how to feel good quickly ! 

Buy a herb in a pot, or buy a seedling, or sow seeds in a sunny room, or borrow or share a patch, or offer to help someone who's less mobile, or create/join a social group, or be an extra hand for an old farmer, or just... plant anywhere. That's it, you're a grower ! If the first plant doesn't grow, the next one will !

Easy and free to learn how

There are billions of videos online about growing. Warning: can be addictive.

Chat with growers worldwide. Poor or rich, they're all friendly and socialize easily. That's 10 billion potential friends !

Some of our quirks. What are yours ?

  • Trying to become friends with 10 billion growers

  • Growing in funny places

  • Growing without digging

  • Growing without transplanting

  • Growing with less water or electricity or fuel

  • Growing in both sun and shade, hot and cold

  • Growing all year

  • Warming plants in winter with warmed objects and walls

  • Growing with no greenhouse or tunnel

  • Growing and walling with transparent plastic boxes

  • Using food waste

  • Using plastic trash

  • Using waste cardboard

  • Planting a flower for every vegetable

  • Composting in new ways

  • Learning how growers in poor countries overcome

  • Always keeping the growing space pretty

  • Making things easy for people with a handicap

  • Avoiding tools with cutting edges (protect your worms !)

What do we do for a living ?

We help people who want to better use some land (or garden or terrace or farm or chalet or datcha) that they own/borrow and who want to grow some healthy flowers and vegetables without too much silly effort or expense. These fixes work well for private people, cities, schools, clubs, and tough neighborhoods (if you want fancy stuff, there are specialists for that). We do quick, easy, social, fun, productive, nice.

Message from founders

Growers are a quiet (but huge) part of humanity that's comfortable across social, national, and racial boundaries, and generally just nice and friendly to other humans. We need more.

Social media

We only post stuff we never saw on the internet (so not much).

Cheers !

Mike Harrop and the co-founders